21st Century Old-Time Music, Volume 2

Continues from there volume one leaves off!

A collection which emphasizes the latest incredible stringband revival of the past decade. Alongside veteran performers, a new generation of musicians continues to discover and interperet old tunes as demontrated from these amazing performacnces from the stage of the Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering.

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Physical CD

21st Century Old-Time Music, Volume 2 $10.00


John Henry The Foghorn Stringband $0.99
Cuckoo Dan Gellert $0.99
Sugar Hill The Prairie Acre $0.99
Oak Ridge Stomp Rhys Jones & Christina Wheeler $0.99
Ty Hacker The Bum Ditty Barn Dance Band $0.99
Down in North Carolina The Flat Mountain Girls $0.99
Pretty Little Cat The Foghorn Stringband $0.99
Rye Straw Dan Gellert $0.99
Prairie Road The Woodstove Flapjacks $0.99
Rye Whiskey The Ill-Mo Boys $0.99
Fall on My Knees Rayna Gellert & Susie Goehring $0.99
Logan County Blues The Forge Mountain Diggers $0.99
Columbus Stockade Blues The Foghorn Stringband $0.99
Jimmy Crack Corn The Bum Ditty Barn Dance Band $0.99
Cindy The Prairie Acre $0.99
My Baby Keeps the Money Bob Bovee & Gail Heil $0.99
I've Got a Bulldog The Combine $0.99
Closer to the Mill The Flat Mountain Girls $0.99
Late for the Dance The Foghorn Stringband $0.99
Sundown Leela & Ellie Grace $0.99
Tell it to Me The Forge Mountain Diggers $0.99