Best of the 30th Anniversary Weekend

Highlights of the landmark 30th Annual Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering where the shows were packed with many of the festival's most popular performers past and present. This album really captures the atmosphere of a typical Battle Ground concert; the music, fun, and personalities that make the Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering a very special festival.

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Physical CD

The Best of the 30th Anniversary Weekend $10.00


Old Joe's Hittin' the Jug The Juggernaut Jug Band $0.99
Longin' for the Old Days Off N' Runnin' $0.99
Kesch Jig - Mug of Brown Ale Traveler's Dream $0.99
Nellie Bly Paul & Win Grace $0.99
Lady Be Good Aaron Weinstein $0.99
We Shall Rise The Bahler Graber Band $0.99
George Washington The Volo Bogtrotters $0.99
The Family Reunion The Bent Nickel Dance Band $0.99
Shady Grove Leela & Ellie Grace $0.99
White River Bottoms The Kountry Kernals $0.99
Wild Mountain Thyme Tom Duncan $0.99
Sheik of Araby - Sweet Sue The Juggernaut Jug Band $0.99
Beaumont Rag Bluegils 'R Us $0.99
The Minstral Boy - Comes Now the Harvest Freeman, Bell & Molter $0.99
Black Sally Goodin Stephanie Coleman $0.99
Frankie & Johnny The Volo Bogtrotters $0.99
Oh My Little Darling Paul & Win Grace $0.99
Down in the Valley to Pray Leela & Ellie Grace $0.99
Sweet Jennie Lee Bluegils 'R Us $0.99
Apple Blossum The Volo Bogtrotters $0.99