World Music

Over the years the Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering has presented an array of musical styles from around the world.  This collection showcases musical traditions from Sweden, Basque Country, the Andes, Ireland, Romania, New Orleans, Eastern Europe and Quebec. 

PLEASE NOTE: All MP3s are encoded at a high-quality 256 kbps.  Full albums downloads are large files over 100 MBs.  The Full Album Download also contains CD artwork/booklet.

Physical CD

World Music $10.00


Esther's Reel/Tempest/The Floggin' House of Plenty $0.99
El Maniera Raices del Andes $0.99
Brodatzen Aurkene & Inaki $0.99
Jewish Overture Lafayette Klezmorum $0.99
Three Irish Reels The Drones $0.99
Senora Chinera Raices del Andes $0.99
My Rope & Spurs Chicago Cajun Aces $0.99
La Circa Rusa Aurkene & Inaki $0.99
The Blacksmith Song Swedish Exchange Students $0.99
Reel of the Lies Nightingale $0.99
La alborada del al intergracion Raices del Andes $0.99
Rondeau Aurkene & Inaki $0.99
You Had Some, You Ain't Gettin' No More Chicago Cajun Aces $0.99
Lymerick Lasess House of Plenty $0.99
Vals Efter Ola Lang Kevarnick Misfjulor $0.99
Oriko Txoria Aurkene & Inaki $0.99
cymbalim tune Nick Ferraru $0.99
Bingroschottis Kevarnick Misfjulor $0.99
Cladheeda Aurkene & Inaki $0.99
Tierra Mestiza Raices del Andes $0.99
Port of Ferry Reel Nightingale $0.99