All campers will need a Weekend Pass. There is a one-time fee/tag for each tent or RV.

$20 for a tent. $30 for a camper or RV.  

What do I need to camp?

A camper or tent plus admission pass. If you wish to camp in your car, you will pay the same as a tent camper.

Can we pre-register for camping?
No. You have to register at the camping desk to purchase the tent/RV tags upon arrival.

Do we need reservations for camping?
No reservations necessary. First come, first-served basis. 

Where do we park?

Parking is convenient to the camping area. We have a designated parking area for tent campers who will not need to move their vehicles during the weekend. 

What facilities are available?

Drinking water is available in the tent camping area at no charge. A portable shower will be available. Food is available on the grounds during festival hours. There are no RV hookups for water/sewer. There are permanent charcoal grills installed on the grounds you may use.


Can we bring our pets?  
NO pets on the festival grounds or campsites!

Here are some options for local pet boarding (we cannot vouch for these places and make no recommendations):

Petsburgh Location #1, 2506 Schuyler Ave., Lafayette 765-423-5500.

Location #2, 2917 Old US 231, Lafayette 765-474-2454.

The Dog House of Lafayette 185 Century Place, Lafayette 765-588-6008.

Crystal Creek Kennel 765-589-8299.


Can we have campfires?

Sorry, no campfires are allowed. The parks department will allow small raised grills high enough that it will do no harm to the grass. This is a public park, please take care of your spot.


Will you run out of primitive tent sites?

We have plenty of room. There is limited space but we've not run out of tent sites in 45 years of operation. 

Is RV camping allowed?

A limited number of RV campsites are available. First come, first-served basis. No water hookups or sewer. Please turn off generators during concerts! Thank you!