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Vendor Information

Vendor sign up for the 2024 festival is open!

The Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering is a perfect opportunity to market your business! This weekend festival attracts a diverse audience from Tippecanoe County and beyond. As an outdoor, traditional music festival, our 3-day event offers booth space to food vendors, artisans, and cultural organizations. Proceeds from the event support Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to year round programs that enrich lives and preserve traditional music through performance, education, and outreach.

Questions? Please contact IFG's Executive Director, Ann Fields Monical at

2024 Festival Dates:

Friday, June 28

Saturday, June 29

Sunday, June 30


While there is no application fee, the Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering requires a booth fee for all participating vendors:
  • Arts & Craft Vendors: Booth Rental Fee is $50 Per Day
  • Food Vendors: No Booth Rental Fee + 20% Donation of Daily Sales***
    ***As a low-impact environment initiative plan, vendors who use approved compostable takeaway containers will donate 15% of daily sales. We appreciate your help taking care of our parks and planet!***
Fiddlers Vendors.jpeg
  1. This is a rain or shine event. An inclement weather plan is in place and a copy will be given to all vendors.
  2. Water and trash removal will be provided.
  3. No generators may be used during the festival.
  4. All vendors will receive vendor wristbands.
  5. Please note set up and tear down times listed in your contract.
  6. A vendor meeting will occur at the end of May.

Vendors must provide a current Certificate of Insurance naming both the Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering and Tippecanoe County Park Board as Additionally Insured Certificate Holders. The insurance policy(ies) listed on this form must also include the following minimum insurance coverage limits and terms. 


Commercial General Liability Insurance
This insurance shall be considered PRIMARY insurance for vendor. Insurance carried by Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering will be excess and shall not contribute to any losses arising out of the vendor’s work at the festival.

Minimum Cover Required:

  • General Aggregate (other than Prod/Comp Ops Liability): $2,000,000 

  • Products/Completed Operations Aggregate: $2,000,000 

  • Personal & Advertising Injury Liability: $1,000,000 

  • Each Occurrence: $1,000,000 

Automobile Liability 

All automobiles used relative to the event must have basic coverage. Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering, Inc. is not liable for any damages incurred by or surrounding a Vendor’s automobile. 


Certificate of Insurance Requirements

Make sure you request copies of your certificates that list:

  • Coverage dates that include June 28 - 30, 2024

  • Additional Insured 1: Tippecanoe County Park Board: 200 N Battleground Ave. West Lafayette, IN 47906

  • Additional Insured 2: Indiana Fiddlers Gathering, Inc. PO Box 49 Battle Ground, IN 47920

Questions? Please contact IFG's Executive Director, Ann Fields Monical at

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