Wilbur Ade Scholarship  

The Wilbur Ade Memorial Scholarship is designed to raise the level of traditional musical attainment of Indiana youth and contribute to keeping the traditional musical forms of Indiana alive and vibrant. 


The Wilbur Ade Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Indiana youth on a rolling basis to help cover expenses for attendance at fiddle or other traditional music camps.  

About Wilbur Ade

Wilbur Ade was born in Tippecanoe County, IN in 1913 and moved early on with his family to a farm near Brookston, IN.  He farmed for 63 years until his death in 1992. His passions were family, farming, raising hunting dogs, fishing, and music. 


When Wilbur was 14-years-old, he traded his bicycle for a guitar.  He was friends with the Barrett boys who lived nearby and took guitar lessons from their mother. 


As a young man, Wilbur enjoyed playing for local square dances.  The neighbors would gather at a friend’s house for a carry-in supper, then clear the furniture out of the parlor and have a square dance. 


When the Indiana Fiddler’s Gathering began, Wilbur enjoyed playing in the jam sessions on the grounds.  Early on, he never missed a festival and would attend every day possible. 


Wilbur spent many wonderful years at the Fiddlers’ Gatherings, and his family wanted to honor his memory and love of music by establishing The Wilbur Ade Memorial Scholarship to encourage young musicians.  



Must be an Indiana resident

Must be a youth ages 8-18


Criteria for Selection

Applicants will be judged on individual ability and style taking into consideration the applicants age and potential for growth. 

Deadline and Timetable

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Please note that it can take up to 60 days to review an application and provide a decision, so apply inadequate time for us to make a decision and you to apply.  Payments will be made directly to the camp.  Applications should be emailed to ifgbattleground@gmail.com with "Wilbur Ade" in the subject line. The application is available here.

Questions?  Call The Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering’s office at 765-588-1376 or email: ifg@indianafiddlersgathering.org