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What began in the summer of 1972 as a small gathering of musicians, their friends, acquaintances, and a few onlookers at the historic Battlefield Park in Battle Ground, Indiana, has grown to a renowned three-day celebration of traditional music. Musicians of all stripes and like-minded enthusiasts now come by the thousands from across the country and beyond to join our annual celebration of traditional music’s fellowship and camaraderie. Our festival aims to celebrate a variety of traditional music genres, such as Old-Time, Bluegrass, Irish, Creole, Metis, Mexican folk fiddle, and others, not just through performances but as a place for musicians to gather, play together, and learn from one another through open stage, workshops, and improvised jam sessions.

With an engaged and enthusiastic membership and volunteer base, the support of arts organizations, and the generosity of our sponsors and donors, Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering has grown in scope to include activities and programs such as teaching underserved students as part of a major after-school arts program, a music scholarship program, and additional concerts and community outreach programs.

​Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering, Inc. is a registered non-profit led by a member-elected Board of Directors and an Executive Director.  Committees composed of board members and volunteers direct our efforts in organizing the festival, administering education and outreach programs, and fundraising. Our crack team of volunteers, the Friends of Fiddlers' (FOF) helps to put on the festival every year.

All music lovers are welcome to join! 

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President: Ali Royal

Vice President: Sarah Stantz

Secretary: Robert Freeman

Treasurer: Kandice Rawlings

Jeff Boswell

Sam Cody

Gary Cunningham

Craig Nyquist

Carl Schwamberger

Katie Westfall

Ed Yother

Directors Emeritus:

Howie Clark

Gretchen Stephens

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